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1325 Franklin Avenue Suite 255
Garden City, New York

193 Griffing Ave
Suite A
Riverhead, New York

Tomao & Marangas, Attorneys at Law

Tomao and Marangas offers free one-hour consultations for anyone who is interested in retaining legal counsel. At Tomao and Marangas we believe that confidentiality is of primary importance. All client matters are held in strict confidence.

Personal Injury cases are usually handled on a contingency fee basis.  No fee is charged unless a recovery is received.  Residential Real Estate matters are generally handled on a set fee basis - other matters are handled on an hourly basis.*

* Usual retainer fees vary and are determined by the type of counsel needed.  Unused funds are returned to the client at the end of the case by settlement or otherwise, or at the termination of our representation.